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“Work is a very serious matter indeed. We freight our work with meaning and identity, and fight hard and long for some kind of purpose in our endeavors. Organizations need to understand the wellsprings of human creativity in order to shape conversations that are invitational to an individual's greater powers. Good poetry can provide explosive insight, grant needed courage and stir the dormant imagination of individuals and organizations alike.”
David Whyte, Poet

Strengthening and expanding our imagination facilitates expansion in the business environment. Walking the dog Theater (WTD) offers workshops in Creative Writing, Storytelling and Theater to support you and your organization’s growth and development. WTD leads you and your colleagues/employees in creating artistic experiences that will resonate in the organization’s day-to-day work. While the artistic work enlivens the creative capacities within the individual and nourishes the soul life, the creative process fosters a sense for the whole, benefiting the entire organization.

Every organization seeks to expand its language. At the heart of our creative writing work is the experience that stimulating our sense of language broadens our perspective and our awareness for what is possible.

Every organization has a story, and communicating that story effectively is a key to success. This story is the reason for the organization’s existence, yet it can get buried under the immediate demands of the work. WTD’s storytelling workshops uncover your personal story and your organization’s story and help incorporate them into the life of your work.

“Fit the action to the word, the word to the action,” Hamlet advises the players.

The actor learns to think laterally and to bring that process into outer expression. Creating gestures, characters, speech, and keeping many choices alive at once inspires our mind and spirit. Theater games and dramatic exercises focus our direction and help develop an understanding for meaningful action. WTD artists engage you and your organization in a challenging and enlivening process.