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Workshops for everyone:

Creative Writing, Movement, and Chekhov Acting

“We woke up the ‘between’ space… discovered how clearly language can embody inner truths… a well-guided journey into the inspiration behind the Word!"
--workshop participant, South Australia

Walking the dog Theater (WTD) offers a variety of workshops that are tailored to your specific needs and situation. Creative Writing workshops encourage the participants to free their relationship to language in a playful way. Language is not just a means for relaying information. It can reveal a world full of meaning, movement and life. Writers and people looking for new inspiration for everyday life will find this workshop refreshing and meaningful.

WTD offers movement workshops that range from playing games to dancing to eurythmy. In our sedentary culture, experiencing your body moving in space is a powerful means to reconnect with life and purpose, as well as giving new sense to living in relationship with others.

Michael Chekhov’s acting technique takes the focus from the actor’s personal emotions and biography to the relationship between inner experience and physical movement. The actor’s imagination is called upon, strengthened and trusted as a tool to imbue the work with subtle differentiation, atmosphere and character.