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Free Culture - Donate Now! Free Culture - Donate Now! Free Culture - Donate Now! Free Culture - Donate Now!

Watch the Free Culture Video!

Watch Free Culture Video!

Dear Friends & Supporters,

As WTD's Free Culture Initiative begins its 4th year, the role of the arts in our global community has never been more important. Today's world is changing at a rate unforeseen in human history. And what is asked of us is the ability to conceive of new possibilities, to forge new pathways, and to sculpt ideas that will carry us into the future we envision. The arts provide a platform for this exploration.

At its most basic level, our Free Culture Initiative recognizes the need for access to WTD's performances and educational programs for all who wish to experience them, regardless of financial circumstances. With the doors wide open, all can join the conversation.

When we infuse the word free with action, "to free culture" carries the meaning of freeing the artistic process from hindrances and outward controls. In WTD's case, a strong financial foundation in support of our work frees us to devise new ways of exploring life and the human potential through drama, to take the work into uncharted territory, and to bring you the very best that we have to offer.

Through these building blocks--access to cultural experiences & a free artistic process--we come to the wellspring of our Free Culture Initiative: at its best, art moves us. It stirs within us a sense of our own freedom and creativity. It brings us alive. It enkindles a living, vibrant conversation on many levels: artist and audience, teacher and student, human and human, human and future. Art both elevates the conversation and helps us rise to meet it. Art cultivates our global imagination.

Friends, will you join us in this endeavor? Your monthly pledge, no matter how small, will support all of WTD's work throughout 2016: in-school residencies, after school programs, workshops in the US and in Asia, Improv, The Winter's Tale next summer, A Christmas Carol and tour, the ongoing administrative work of running a not-for-profit organization, and taking our work to the places where it is most needed both here at home and abroad. Not ready to make a monthly commitment? Your one-time donation is most welcome.

Thank you for being part of the WTD community. You give our work wings!

With warm wishes and thanks,

David Anderson

P.S. Please contact us if you have any questions or in other ways wish to support this movement toward making culture accessible for everyone (info@wtdtheater.org).

Here's how you can join the FREE CULTURE initiative and support WTD's future:
Make your pledge for a year of monthly donations online by clicking the Free Culture Donate button below.
Send a check to WTD, 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075
Not ready to make a monthly commitment? Your one-time donation is most welcome!


WTD is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. 
All donations are tax-deductible.