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Theater Internships for the 2015 Season

Join Our Family!

WTD is offering internships for the 2015 Season.  Internships are an opportunity to participate in the creation of theater events and to experience and support WTD's work.  WTD has hosted interns from as far away as Australia, China, England, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.  From the US too, of course. Some are professionals seeking to deepen their work; others are young people expanding their experiences.  In the Spring of 2014, Angela Hu from China joined us, bringing new perspectives to the After School Drama program and directing the students in improvisation.  In the Fall of 2014, we welcomed Cocoro Tani, a student from Japan who helped us with our fall show, from creating the set to playing live music for every performance.
Internships are designed with the intern's interests in mind.  Are you interested in the workings of a non-profit theater company and/or the creation of live theater?  Contact David Anderson, Executive Artistic Director: david@wtdtheater.org.



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