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Teaching and Learning

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough…I hope they visit many public schools…I know their work meets our needs as educators.”
Classroom teacher, Grant Elementary School, Port Townsend, WA

Walking the dog Theater (WTD) bases its educational work on the experience that the creation of theater offers young people a unique opportunity for development. Since its founding, WTD has reached over 50,000 children and young people with its performances, workshops, and education programs.We are certain that sharing our enthusiasm for theater can call forth a desire to learn and grow that reaches further than just the stage.

Under the guidance of experienced, trained teaching artists, the production process acts as a magnifying glass: the lives of the students are gathered into a safe creative space, often revealing blocks in their development or the next step that the individual needs to take, allowing them to transform through a process uniting the intellectual with the physical and emotional. Every student is challenged to reach her/his individual potential, while the group is led to form a vibrant ensemble.

Through acting exercises, speech/voice work, and theater games, as well as through the rehearsal process itself, the students acquire skills that enable them to communicate constructively, take responsibility for their actions and reactions in a larger context, and celebrate the uniquely human ability to create.

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