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Join us for a Small Revolution!

We have assembled the best talent our region has to offer - farmers, activists, chefs, scientists and artists - in one place at one time. All 'solutionists' in their own fields, crossing over to connect with each other and you to share, to teach and to learn.

Celebrate with us!

Saturday, April 26, 6:30 pm
Food & Wine Reception
followed by last performance of Miracle Tomato

Miracle Tomato

Walking the dog Theater presents

A traveling story of love, bioengineering and the search for home

Written and performed by Jessica Cerullo
With Benedicta Bertau
Directed by Ashley Hughes
Projection design by Asli Ayata

April 25 at 7:30 pm
April 26, 2008: Reception and Performance 
at 6:30 pm (see below for details)


in collaboration with Columbia County Bounty:


April 26, 2008 ~ 2:00 pm-6:30 pm  ~  Free and open to the public

All events take place at Walking the dog Theater/BASILICA INDUSTRIA
110 South Front Street, Hudson, New York

Miracle Tomato & The Small Revolution Expo is the first event of its kind in the region. Walking the dog Theater and Columbia County Bounty will bring together local farms and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), restaurants, green businesses and initiatives, climate change organizations, scholars, activists and artists in the visual arts and theater – all those who are shaping our collective futures in the areas of the arts, food quality, safety and availability and sustainable solutions for home, school, work, agriculture and municipalities.  

Jessica Cerullo - Tomato HugThe SMALL REVOLUTION EXPO, produced by Gianni Ortiz of Columbia County Bounty, will be a dynamic networking, educational and sales opportunity for consumers, farmers, and green organizations and businesses. The inspiration for The Small Revolution Expo is that we already have a wide range of easily do-able solutions that everyone can implement in their home, place of work or school – immediately.

The Expo will have everything from CSA sign ups, renewable/conservable energy, climate change organizations, green burials and carbon offset credit cards to green pets and apartment/home composting and recycling. Gianni Ortiz says:

It is our hope that every single person that comes through the door experiences a shift of perspective and changes one or many of their daily consumption, disposal and/or thinking habits which will dramatically reduce the stresses our current lifestyles are placing on our environment and ourselves. We are all in this together!”


The afternoon will also include presentations about several topics including:

A Lecture by Craig Holdrege of The Nature Institute.
A Round Table Discussion. Exploring the most pressing issues of our day and the sustainable solutions available to us. Guests include:

Ward Stone, NY State Wildlife Pathologist (home grown in Columbia County!) and frequent guest of WAMC will share his knowledge about our changing environment.

Dominic Palumbo of Moon In The Pond Farm which operates an organic farm and farm school.

Billie Best of Crazy Wife Farm is a writer and food activist who will discuss why the Farm Bill is so important to every person and family in the United States.

Melissa Everett whose organization, Sustainable Hudson Valley, touches on all areas of sustainable living with local resources.

Jody Rael of SolAqua and Sundog Solar, an expert in the use and benefits of all forms of renewable energy.


During The Small Revolution Expo, Walking the dog Theater will offer children the opportunity to create art inspired by the dialogue between farmers, businesses, and artists. Artists, volunteers and youth will help children create and install art to be exhibited throughout the Small Revolution Expo. The young artists will paint portraits of Expo visitors with their favorite fruit or vegetable.


The day will conclude with a performance of the play MIRACLE TOMATO - written and performed by Jessica Cerullo, featuring local actor Benedicta Bertau, and directed by Ashley Hughes. The play features projections designed by Asli Ayata and photography by David Schulz.

Jessica Cerullo - Another BiteMIRACLE TOMATO is a play for one actress and 303 tomatoes.  This original and serious comedy is presented by the character Angelina, a waitress, whose journey across America takes her to Hudson, New York where she will impart the history of the tomato to all who will listen.  Angelina, the youngest of triplets birthed in the family tomato plot, reveals not only the history of the controversial fruit/vegetable, but also her own, as she employs the help of her identical sisters Valentina, a bio engineer, and Josephina, a food activist.  Music and tomato handlers assist in telling the story.

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?  Why did the tomato appear in the U.S. Supreme Court in 1893?  How many slices of pizza does America eat in a second?  Where are the tomatoes that taste good?  How do we say goodbye to what is lost?  And how do we hold on to what is left?  In viewing history through the tomato, Angelina takes the audience on a journey that examines vulnerability, appropriation, identity, mass consumption, cultivation, and the changing dynamic of food and family in Angelina’s hometown and in all the towns across the country.

Come see the show that audiences say is as "fresh as a ripe tomato!" 

“The best part of this dish is how Cerullo spices her story with themes of family, love, tradition and goodness.  Watching her finally and reverentially eat a tomato on stage becomes a magically poignant moment.”   --Mark Collins, The Daily Camera

Top 10 Theater Event of 2007 Denver/Boulder, Colorado



All events take place at Walking the dog Theater/BASILICA INDUSTRIA 110 South Front Street, Hudson, New York.

Friday, April 25th 7:30 MIRACLE TOMATO a traveling story of love, bioengineering and the search for home.  Tickets: $20

Saturday, April 26th

2:00 - 6:30 The Small Revolution Expo:
Produced by Gianni Ortiz of Columbia County Bounty Free and Open to the public.

The Small Revolution Incubator: A separate hall in the Basilica will have ongoing lectures and presentations:

2:30 – 3:15 The Price of Meat:
y Kathleen Harris, Kathleen illustrates ALL of the costs that go into meat production and compares the industrial system to that of the family farm.

3:30 – 4:15 Is the Genie out of the Bottle? The Trouble With Genetically Engineered Food:
By Craig Holdrege, Director of The Nature Institute

4:30 – 5:15 Live Green Now:
By Melissa Everett, Sustainable Hudson Valley

5:30 - 6:30 The Round Table Discussion:
Hosted by Craig Holdrege, Director of The Nature Institute, with Billy Best, Melissa Everett, Dominic Palumbo, Ward Stone, Jody Rael

6:30 Local Food and Wine Reception:
Prepared by our best local culinary talent.

The Reception will be followed by:
MIRACLE TOMATO- a traveling story of love, bioengineering and the search for home

A conversation between the artists and audience after the show will conclude the event. Tickets: $40 (This is a fundraiser: a portion of the proceeds will benefit WTD & CCB).

Jessica Cerullo - Mmm...TastyBuy Tickets Online Now! Tickets are now available from April 1 atSpotty Dog Books & Ale and at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.

A full list of Exhibitors and Sponsors and Links to their websites may be found below.

Miracle Tomato & The Small Revolution Expo is produced by Walking the dog Theater in collaboration with Columbia County Bounty, both of which will be beneficiaries of a portion of the proceeds of the fundraiser. The Small Revolution Expo is supported by Columbia County Council on the Arts and Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. Miracle Tomato’s performances are made possible by a donation from Liz Neumark and Chaim Wachsberger through the Columbia County Council on the Arts.

The Miracle of a Small Revolution: How Miracle Tomato & The Small Revolution Expo came about.

Miracle Tomato & The Small Revolution Expo was created by artists of Walking the dog Theater, Jessica Cerullo (Miracle Tomato’s playwright and actor), and Gianni Ortiz who served as the liaison to the local farming, food and greener living community.

Benedicta Bertau, Producing Artistic Director of Walking the dog Theater:

“When we invited Jessica Cerullo to bring Miracle Tomato to Columbia County, our wish was to reach out to the community in a new way. Cerullo’s lively and wonderful interpretation of the history of the tomato inspired us to turn toward the county’s many individuals, farms, and businesses who all work for a practical approach to living a responsible, more affordable, more sustainable and therefore more enjoyable life in this beautiful place we call home. Artists and farmers are engaged in transformation, and the feeding and sustaining of body, soul and spirit. Bridging the assumed divide, celebrating local talent and work, and opening to the greater community are at the heart of this event.”   

Brooklyn based writer and performer, Cerullo, has been traveling and performing her show in the United States over the last year.  Hudson audiences saw her as Kate in WTD's celebrated production of Taming of the Shrew last fall.

While performing in Shrew I met so many farmers and small business owners who were working daily to make a difference in how and what we eat. I was inspired by the meals I ate and the wonderful people I met,"  Cerullo says and she began working with WTD and CCB to create a special event for Columbia County encompassing two of the most basic elements of a good life, food and art.

Gianni Ortiz, Producer of the Small Revolution Expo, says:

I believe in Democracy, each person paying attention and doing a little bit every day, not a few people doing a lot all the time. I believe in farming. When I wake up in the morning and look out the window, some of my first thoughts are of farmers doing their chores in whatever weather the day has brought. These are simple yet profound acts that we would not exist without.

I believe in a child’s right to a happy, healthy and natural life – getting dirty, climbing trees, experimenting, learning and growing. I believe real food, clean water and clean air is their birthright. Now more than ever, we need to speak truth to power and reclaim what is rightfully ours, this gorgeous little spaceship we live on and to take seriously our obligation to protect the beautiful creatures we share it with. Every dollar is a vote, so choose thoughtfully and walk lightly while you are here and as you pass.

The saying is Dust to Dust, not Dust to Fossilized Formaldehyde. Many simple solutions are available to us, it will require changing our habits and sense of entitlement. It will take the terrific collective will of us all to change the course our planet is on. I believe we can do that. We can only try.”  

Representing Columbia County Bounty’s mission, Gianni Ortiz adds:

“The challenges we face at this time are certainly daunting, which is why we need to focus on the solutions rather than problems – which is why we need nothing less than this Small Revolution!”

On the heels of Earth Day, join us to celebrate our region, and the people and places that make it worth living here!

 Organizations and Individuals:

Walking the dog Theater is a professional theater company based in Columbia County, and at home at Basilica Industria in Hudson. The company exists for the purpose of creating theater events that inspire, entertain, and build community.  Vital aspects of this purpose include: engaging children, youth, and adults in their own creative potential, stimulating artistic life in underserved areas, supporting the work and growth of professional artists, and staging William Shakespeare's plays. Walking the dog Theater is dedicated to enriching the lives of residents and visitors of Columbia County and to creating a growing community that brings together all those who contribute to the quality of life of Columbia County and the Hudson Valley.

Columbia County Bounty is an organization dedicatedto supportinglocal Columbia County Bountyagriculture and nurturing a strong, sustainable rural economy and everything that involves.We are truly blessed to be living in this part of the Hudson River Valley, with its abundant cultural and natural resources. Among our greatest treasures is the tremendous brain trust of our progressive and experienced farming community who daily cultivate and protect the gorgeous, fertile hills that we call home. The Expo will be a great opportunity for neighbors to meet and learn from our farmers, learn about this beautiful place we live in and to strengthen our collective sense of community. www.columbiacountybounty.com 

Jessica Cerullo is a New York based performer, writer and teacher. She is a board member and Managing Director for MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association. Her play, Miracle Tomato, premiered at P.S. 122 as part of the soloNOVA Festival and has performed to sold out audiences.  It was voted top ten play of the year in Denver, Colorado in 2007 and continues to tour in the United States. 

Jessica Cerullo - On a platterJessica’s work has been part of the Brooklyn Arts Exchange First Weekend Series and she has been the artist in residence at the Tin Shop in Breckenridge, Colorado.  A former member of the Stanislavsky Theater Studio in Washington, DC and the Flock Theater in New London, Connecticut Jessica has created experimental works with The Actors' Ensemble in New York and has performed in regional theaters such as the Folger Theater, Horizons Theater and Walking the dog Theater at New York's Stage Works. She is on the faculty of MICHA and has been a guest artist at Universities and training programs in the U.S. and abroad. www.JessicaCerullo.com

Craig Holdrege is the director of The Nature Institute in Ghent, New York. He is keenly interested in the interconnected nature of things The Nature Instituteand carries out holistic studies of plants and animals.

Craig also critically examines new developments in genetics and biotechnology from a contextual perspective. His newest book, co-authored with his Nature Institute colleague Steve Tabott, is entitled /Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering. /He is also the of /The Giraffe’s Long Neck: From Evolutionary Fable to Whole Organism /and /Genetics and the Manipulation of Life: The Forgotten Factor of Context. www.natureinstitute.org

Gianni Ortiz, Principal Broker of Gianni Ortiz Real Estate. Gianni’s professional background is quite broad, ranging from Couturier to television production, and she brings that skill set to all of her undertakings. She has been passionately involved with food quality and integrity issues for 30 years in many professional capacities – teaching, cooking, writing and natural product formulation for people and companion animals. She is a life-long political, environmental and social justice activist and has worked with many non-profit organizations across the country. Some of her current efforts are The Green Towns Initiative in collaboration with Global Green and the 11th Hour Action Team as well as being a member of the Columbia County Bounty steering committee.  

Photo Credits: Zack Brown and David Schulz

Columbia County Bounty

Sustainable Hudson Valley

Regional Farm and Food Project

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Farmscape Ecology Program

Columbia Land Trust

Grazin' Angus Acres

11th Hour Action

The Nature Institute

Citi Smith Barney

Eco Radio

Roxbury Farm

North American Devon Association

The Sylvia Center

Katchkie Farm 

The Valley Table

Solaqua Power & Art

Fuel Freedom International

Olde Hudson

Chatham Brewing

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