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the umbilical point

Directed by David Anderson
Written and Performed by Gabriel Rodriguez

Solaris 360 Warren St.
Hudson, NY

November 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

Admission is free
Requested donation: $10 to $30

Pablo is a little boy who lives in The City: the cement-and-girder Being born after all cities grew till their edges touched. Raised and protected by the love and wisdom of Teeka, his sister, Pablo knows of no other world but The City. A natural-born poet, he walks a steady beat through the streets of his home, blissfully unaware of being anything other than himself. But when Teeka goes missing, Pablo must go looking. Grandmother Spider (who weaves the web and is the web) and Black Cat (who walks the line between light and dark) are his guides on this strange, luminous, musical journey to lands beyond the human bubble.

A vibrant blend of devised theater, elemental movement, folklore, hip hop and spoken word, the umbilical point invites us to widen our gaze as it questions its way toward our forgotten whole.

the umbilical point is a story of sacrifice and transition.

To learn more about the umbilical point and the artistic process behind the scenes, visit www.theumbilicalpoint.com.

* Read Peter Bergman’s review in Berkshire Bright Focus *

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View The Umbilicial Point Trailer